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MAG’s Interim Auction Strategy

DAA Northwest and DAA Seattle (MAG) Dealer Community:

I’ve got an important update to share about the interim strategy for our Spokane and Seattle locations.

We are all well entrenched in the current reality of COVID-19; it has impacted both our businesses and our personal lives. Even though I know this reality is temporary, it is easy to become confused and discouraged due to the constant change and the daily battles we face. Our federal government has initiated unprecedented legislation designed to help us make it to the other side of the pandemic. I hope you are up to date and aware of the stimulus relief you are eligible to receive. Each of you are in unique situations…some are selling cars, while others are shut down completely. Many are somewhere in between.

DAA Northwest and DAA Seattle have not been able to run auctions at our facilities during the past two weeks. We are evaluating the situation day by day, but it is safe to assume that physical auctions and possibly even simulcast sales will not be a viable option for several weeks.

As an interim auction sales strategy, beginning Monday, April 6th we will launch a new, effective solution that digitally offers both fleet and dealer consignment from our Spokane and Seattle locations.

In partnership with EBlock, we will conduct daily digital sales featuring fresh, desirable auction inventory Monday through Friday. These sales will end every weekday at 1:00pm (PT). New inventory will be posted each day. Learn more about it here:

We want to support you, our loyal buyers and sellers during these challenging times. We promise to work hard to meet your needs and expectations. Let us know how we can be of service.

I look forward to resuming the sale day hugs and handshakes that have been a part of my auction life for 40 years!

– Bob

Bob McConkey
President & CEO
McConkey Auction Group