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Bob’s Market Message

January 16, 2017

DAA Northwest sold 1300 units this past week in bitter cold and snow. The weather has been a factor over the past several sales dating back to mid-December. DAA Northwest’s staff has worked countless hours to produce the last several auctions. We appreciate your patience and your support during these rough weather weeks.

On the other side of the state…DAA Seattle produced 400 sold units last Friday! The market is showing signs of spring! The weather can show those signs anytime now!!

DAA Northwest and DAA Seattle are teaming up with American Honda Finance Corporation to bring high volume, weekly sales to the Pacific Northwest beginning in February. Spokane and Seattle will run alternate weeks to combine for monthly volumes pushing 500 units!!! Watch for a great selection of Honda Remarketing / Acura Remarketing units in the coming months. We are proud of our relationship with American Honda and the confidence they have placed in us to remarket these desirable off lease units. Watch your email and daanw.com for upcoming dates, model mixes and volumes.

Thanks for a great start to the year. There is no doubt that the market will continue to gain momentum in the coming weeks.

See you in the lanes this week!

Good selling –

Quote of the week: “It used to be, cars were made in Flint, and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now the cars are made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint.” – Donald Trump