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Market Update

March 15, 2019

It seems as if we are finally turning the corner toward spring. Here in Spokane, the weather has been a constant battle for the past 7 weeks. I want to recognize and sincerely thank the team in Spokane – especially the outside folks – for their hard work, dedication, and grit in producing high-quality offerings against really tough weather conditions over the past month and a half. Without the dedication of the lot crew, the vehicle CR writers and inspectors we simply could not have run. Thanks, team!!

During January and February, DAA Northwest averaged over 950 sold units per week…in the snow! I also want to thank you, dealers, who braved the elements and chose to come to Spokane in such tough conditions. We are very appreciative of your support. It would be easy to go to Vegas or Phoenix when the weather gets rough in the Inland Northwest. We are awed, and so very thankful for your loyalty to DAA.

Seattle even had its share of weather, and DAA Seattle was the only auction in the region to run a full-scale sale through the toughest week in mid-February. Hats off to our team, who worked diligently to execute a safe and timely sale in the midst of a rare Puget Sound snow storm.

Between Seattle and Spokane, the DAA team has averaged over 1400 sold units per week. DAA Seattle continues to grow and attract new customers from all around the region and beyond.

The market has finally broken loose. The weather has created some pent-up demand that is now hitting the retail pavement. Inventory is shrinking and prices are firming up.

Speaking of volume – DAA Northwest’s “DAA After Dark” promotion is coming this week in Spokane and features 3000 units over two days! There won’t be any shortage of inventory in Spokane next week.

Hope to see you in Spokane or Seattle this week!
– Bob

Quote of the week:
“Go Zags!”