Bob’s Market Message

Bob McConkey

January 12, 2015

Week one of 2015 is in the books.

For us, it was a blistering hot start to the New Year. DAA Seattle had a record sale with nearly 400 sold and a 65% conversion rate. DAA Northwest sold over 800 units with a 66% conversion rate, and our sales in El Paso and Kansas City had similar results as well. The market caught fire this week! If you had units in any of our sales and didn’t get results, you have to take a hard look at your inventory and your pricing. The market was up!!

Will it last? That is always the question. We probably won’t see last week’s pace continue, as there was pent up demand from the holidays at that time. However, we do see a good, strong, healthy market for the first quarter and beyond.

This week is Promo Week at DAA Northwest. Toyota Financial Services, Ford and a whole host of prime product is on tap on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday will be huge…total consignment this week in Spokane will be north of 2000 units. Be here.

In addition, DAA Seattle has arrived. Every week, more and more folks are experiencing the difference of doing business at DAA on the “West side.” If you have not been to DAA Seattle lately, you have not been there at all. The lanes are reconfigured, the staff is trained, the consignment is way up and the market is strong. Average sale price at DAA Seattle is nearly $10,000. It is not a “beater sale” – it is a marketplace!

Thanks for your continued support of our efforts – see you in the lanes this week.


Quote of the week
“The men who have succeeded are the men who have chosen one line and stuck to it.” —Andrew Carnegie

We are car men!! (and women)